Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Please Hold My Hand Forever

It has been quite an adventure learning to parent a toddler.  It's only been three weeks since he started walking and I've already learned so much.  He's an independent little spit-fire, that's for sure.  I try to give him ample independence throughout the day.  We've been bundling up and going outside once a day so that he can explore freely.  Just a little bit of independence every day.  We all need it, don't we?  I'm so glad Dan is back so that I can have those quick moments of freedom myself.  

While he loves his freedom, BB has also been giving big hugs and holding our hands.  He is so affectionate.  I never want it to end.  Okay, he can stop holding my hand when he's a grown up but not a day sooner! 


  1. I love that he brought a spatula on his adventure! And also, cute hat!!

    1. @ Rachel.... OMG, He loves non-toys! And, yes, the hat is great - because it's cute AND it stays on via velcro! We got it from some pretty cool people! ;)


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