Thursday, January 24, 2013

Goodbye, House

We sold our house yesterday (the one we don't live in).  Long story short, we are renting now because we rented out our house because we were trying to buy a second house with a friend and when that fell through we couldn't cancel on our lease.  It has helped us tremendously as Dan "tried out" this full-time musician gig.  We sold the house because being property managers was not our thing.  (Especially when the basement floods and your husband is out of town and your renters are furious.)

We really loved this house but we knew when we bought it that it would be better suited as a rental for college students than a home to raise a family.  So, we've washed our hands clean of it and we're on the hunt for our next move.  I will always appreciate this house.  The blood, sweat and tears we poured into it will never be forgotten.  

I really love decorating and remodeling.  I thrive on it.  I love having a project to work on.  I feel like I've done all I can do in our current home so I'm getting the moving-bug.  I am so excited for our next house and I plan on being much more particular with this one than I was the first two times.  

I'm already dreaming of our next home and "pinning" - on Pinterest, if that's not clear - ideas for interior design.  Tomorrow I'm going to show you some of my dream homes!  XOXO, Lindsy

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  1. I'm glad for you in selling your house. I hope you find the perfect house to raise your family in! and I am so with you on loving the decorating thing. I need to move soon so that I can have Dan paint again. : )


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