Monday, January 14, 2013


So, just between you and me... I'm not really a baby person.  Holding an infant beckons memories of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles screeching, "support the head!" or "be careful!"  So much anxiety holding an infant!  And then, I got BB.  I am sure it was awkward for quite a while but now he just fits - in every sense of the word.  

Since I'm not a baby person I have really enjoyed watching BB grow up.  I dont miss the baby days like some moms (except for our summer of sitting on a blanket in the yard which may never happen again now that he's on the move).  Each new developmental phase was deemed my "favorite" and then another month would roll by and I'd find myself falling even more in love with this boy.

We miss Dan and I can't do and be all the things that I want to while he's touring.  But, I am enjoying this one-on-one time with BB.  We are having a blast.  I love reading to him, playing with him, laughing with him and watching Mister Rogers with him.

Almost-17-month-old-Baby-Bread, you're [currently] my favorite!

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