Thursday, January 10, 2013


We were so lucky to have Dan home for 6 weeks (for Thanksgiving and into the new year).  In that time BB's development has taken off!  He has started talking and walking, calling us "mama" and "dadda" and starting to mimic sounds.  (For some unknown reason I said "goochi-goochi-coo" when I was tickling him and he tries to mimic it but it just sounds like a lot of gargling.  It's hilarious so I will keep doing it.)  He is also showing signs of separation anxiety, missing Dan or I when we're gone.  About two weeks ago I left for yoga and he wailed for a while and then Dan left for the store once and BB was sort-of looking for him. It hasn't been too traumatic so we weren't too worried for this upcoming tour, with Dan leaving after being home with us all-day-every-day for those six weeks.  Now that BB knows our names ("mama" and "dadda", respectively) he has something to say when he recognizes us.  Yesterday, I put Dan's call on speakerphone and he said "Dadda!" and ran up to me and took the phone right out of hands.  I wore a band T-shirt with Dan's face on it and he tried to rip it right off me.  He waves to the portrait of us, hanging in our bedroom. What a sweet, loving boy he is!  It's bittersweet, for both of us, to see how much he misses Dan. 

We miss Dan for his silliness, for his help around the house, for his wild playtimes, and for his serenades.


  1. that is adorable! And yes, separation anxiety is the pits. For us we chatted a ton with abby about mommy and daddy going to work and we will see her later and all that jazz. one day it just clicked for her and she started talking about mommy and daddy to go work. Just keep talking to that cutie patootie and he'll understand soon. He may be too young just yet to get that cognitively, but he'll be there soon.

    1. @Tracy I remember your posts about Abby's separation anxiety and explaining that mommy and daddy have to work. It's in my memory bank for later.... even though I tell him that dadda is at work right now.


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