Friday, December 14, 2012

Newtown, Connecticut Shootings

Christmas never seems to be a perfect, magical time. It seems that every year around this time we remember that we live in a broken world with theft, selfishness, and today the horrible shooting in Connecticut. Today we ran the gammit of emotions. It made me sick to my stomach to hear about this tragedy, but I also became ill of the people spitting rage and politics all over the web. I believe we have an opportunity now to realize what this season is all about. It's not about me. It's not about selfish desires or self centered paradigms. This time is truly a reflection of what LIFE is all about. To me, Life is about learning how to love. I know I haven't achieved that yet. I feel like it takes a lifetime to learn what love is and what it looks like. It's times like these that give us a chance to put love into practice. 

I believe God has given us the ultimate example of what love is. Unfortunately, it seems that we don't follow that example nearly enough. What I'm trying to say is this, use this holiday season to love others. To take ourselves completely out of the equation (leaving our opinions and politics behind) and just let people know you care for them. Let us not forget the hope and light that this holiday gives. Go out and be that light, share that hope.

To those affected by todays events. I am truly heartbroken for you. I cried with you although I can't fully understand what you have to deal with tonight and in the future. I earnestly Pray for you. 

- Dan

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