Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Date: Let's Eat Sushi

We take BB out to restaurants quite a bit these days but there were a few months when I thought I'd never see another happy hour again.  Before we became parents, Dan and I ate out all the time.  Half price apps were a typical dinner for the two of us.  Several nights a week. Not a care in the world.  Sometimes BB gets a little overwhelmed in social settings, occassionally resulting in a hyper-active attention deficit, a zoning out of sorts, or a complete meltdown.  When dinner is involved, there's also the huge mess.  In short, dinner with a toddler is an event.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen photos last week of a "Family Sushi Event".

We went to Moshi Moshi in Ballard, mainly because I had a Groupon that was about to expire.  From the street, I could tell this place might not be the best place for a child.  Upon entering, my fears were confirmed when I saw A) no other children and 2) the schwankiest of decor.  However, the staff was super friendly and they were in possession of a high chair so it's not likely that we are the first idiots to take a baby out to a sushi restaurant.

The food was delicious!  We eat edamame at home all the time and it's one of BB's favorite snacks.  We also got him some rice and gyoza and he was a happy dude.  But what made him happiest of all was the chopsticks.  I have never seen him get so attached to anything.  Except, it was scary.  He literally screamed in my face when I wouldn't give him MY set of chopsticks in addition to the kid's set they had made for him.  If we tried to feed him with anything but his set of chopsticks, he screamed.  Let's be honest, it was a little bit funny.

Some tips to remember about eating out with a toddler:  Sit in a corner or next to a wall so there's less distractions. Bring multiple snacks and toys. Keep it quick. Good luck!

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