Friday, November 16, 2012

Magic Drawer

BB is in a major sensory stage.  He loves to touch everything and he loves to explore.  We have a drawer in our kitchen that had some napkins in it and he, of course, figured out how to open it and throw napkins all over the kitchen.  So, I made him a sensory drawer that we're calling the Magic Drawer!  I got some extra large pipe cleaners and spongy letters and numbers from a dollar store, collected all of his tiny toys, made a noisemaker out of dry beans in a snack container, as well as some random "junk".  He was so happy when he found it and I got to make dinner uninterrupted while he played happily just a few feet away.  Everyone wins!

A few weeks ago, I asked you all for some fun, indoor activities for an active boy.  Thank you for all your ideas, by the way!  We've been having lots of fun with water tables and banging pots and pans! I have been researching toddler activities and came across Hands on As We Grow, a blog committed to hands-on learning activities ages 0 - 5!  

The idea for the Magic Drawer came when I realized that BB prefers non-toys over toys. This summer, BB was all about the garden hose and his favorite "toy" of all time is a Home Depot paint stick.  He's also a fan of boxes, clothes pins and plastic Easter eggs.  I dont want to deny this child of toys but I also don't want to spend a fortune on things that never get used. We have many parent-friends who lament over buying their children expensive things when all they want to play with is junk.  That's where the Magic Drawer comes in.  Dollar Store items, things you find around the house, anything can be thrown into the Magic Drawer and keep your kiddo happy and learning.  He thinks he's exploring but you're in control of what's in there so you know he's safe.  Again, everyone wins!

Have a happy weekend!  XOXO, Lindsy

Some of the non-toys that BB loves.

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