Thursday, October 04, 2012

Politics Schmolitics

To quote Mike Herrera (of MxPx...obvi), "Politics schmolitics, it's too confusing."

#21 on my 30 before 30 list was: Make an informed vote this November. While I'm still a little very behind in the presidential campaign, I have gotten involved with a local campaign to reject a tax increase that will supposedly help out our local transit.  I dont think my (mostly) happy, little blog is a place to preach my politics.  I am most concerned with how fired up I have gotten over a proposition.  Wow.  If you heard my rants, you'd be scared.  Dan is a sweet man for listening to me.

Gosh, who am I?  A woman who is about to become 30, I guess.  And, I'm crossing #21 off my list because I think getting a political letter published in the paper counts as being informed.

I am feeling empowered.  And scared.  Mostly scared of the stress I will surely feel if and when the opposition comes after me.  I like to argue when I'm sure I'm right.  Regarding this issue, I am sure I am.  I've done my research and I am sure.  So, to my opposition, I welcome your ignorance responses.


  1. Vote NO for charter schools!!!

  2. So proud of you:)

    -your husband

  3. Props to you, Lindsy! I've found that the informed citizens are the ones who get the most passionate about politics... because you begin to realize that things just aren't as they should be. The non-informed laugh it off or begin debating with little or no evidence of informed judgment.

    JD and I have been listening to / reading about almost every detail of the presidential race this go-around. Neither of us have ever been political, but this race has made for several entertaining, enraging and flabbergasting interviews, articles and debates. I scroll through the Drudge Report app every day and read most of the articles. (Some days, I may check back every few hours to see if there's a new article up.) I won't go into too much detail, but I've been shocked at the things the govt. announces one day, only to backtrack quietly a couple of weeks later and basically whisper that they misinformed the public (i.e. reason for the U.S. ambassador's murder in Benghazi and last quarter's unemployment numbers).

    In a nutshell, we've noticed that passion comes with the territory of being informed. It is truly bittersweet. So, will you be watching the Vice Presidential debate tonight??


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