Friday, October 05, 2012

DIY: Antler Necklace Display

I had some antlers lying around and I have always wanted to mount them on something.  I found a little key-holder for $6.99 at a craft store and the project began.  And, it was surprisingly quite easy.

YOU NEED: an electric drill, drill bits, antlers (I got these from a friend whose dad hunts), wooden plaque, and screws.  Spray paint is optional.

1)  Drill a hole in the end of each antler.  Keep in mind what angle the drill hole should be at so that they attach flush to the plaque.  These suckers are tough - animals use them to fight! - so you might want to start with a little drill bit and work your way up.

2)  Drill into the plaque in the place you'd like the antlers to be.

3)  Using the corner of a table, screw in the screw so that it just sticks out the other side of the plaque. Attach the antler (I'm making that sound a lot easier than it is.  It will take a few tries, trust me.)

4)  Paint it, let it dry, hang it up!


  1. I love it! Now I need to find some antlers!

  2. Seriously though, you know you're a hipster when you just have antlers lying around. Or a redneck. ; )

  3. If you know someone who hunts, but doesn't want to give away their trophy from their kill.....Ask them to look for old antlers that deer have lost naturally in the past on the ground while they are hunting. Or you can go hiking (wear orange!!!) where a good hunting spot is and look for them yourself :) We have a crap load of antlers, but Cy only lets me have what he finds on the ground.

  4. Love this! what a fantastic idea--looks great!!

  5. Love this! what a fantastic idea--looks great!!

  6. Pinned it (and, of course, gave you full credit). This is super cool. I'm afraid I have a large Olympic-sized pool of people I could ask for antlers from. Just another bonus of living in the great state of Alabama, I guess. :) Haha!


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