Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn Confessional

My only fall decorations.
I think I've made it pretty clear that I love summer.  My birthday is in the summer, I love wearing tank tops, I love wearing swim suits, I love having a tan.  For me, the end of summer in the Pacific Northwest is a sad, sad thing.  Autumn indicates the start of the rainy season.  In just two short months we transition from hot, long days to cold, short days.  I like a crisp fall day, but not as much as I love a warm summer night.  Remember this quote from Sleepless in Seattle:  "Seattle?  It rains nine months out of the year in Seattle!"  Um, yeah, Niles Crane.  It does.  It really does.

Don't get me wrong, I love sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes and things that are orange like of the rest of you.  But I'm not crazy for fall and it's mainly because of the weather and the holidays.  Which leads me to part two:  Halloween or Thanksgiving.  As far as Thanksgiving goes, I told you last year why I don't like Thanksgiving.  How un-American, right? Sorry.  Well, what I remember of Halloween was trick-or-treating with my dad and uncles and friends - which was the only cool part - and being sick from eating too much candy.  I was always cold and I usually ended up wearing a rain coat over my costume which defeats the whole purpose... MOM!  Here's a Lindsy-ism for you:  If I'm cold, it's automatically a bad day.

I do want BB to have wonderful memories of every holiday, though.  So, I'm trying to get excited about Halloween. (Except we haven't even gone to a pumpkin patch yet! Whoops!)  We've purchased him an adorable lion costume and I will be taking photos at our church while Dan and BB will be doing whatever people do at church Halloween parties.  We dont have Thanksgiving plans yet, although, last year we went to the coast and ate Mexican food and I was very pleased.

Here are my fall-inspired Instagrams.  Thanks for reading my rant.

Happy fall from BB!
Jogging with my new [used] BOB stroller.  Note the fall leaves.
I made stuffed pumpkins! (Recipe coming soon!) 
Warm soup from Tacoma's best (only?) soup joint!
Pretty fall leaves (in the bitter cold).


  1. can't wait for the recipe! yum!

  2. i'm so with you! We should do a pumpkin patch play date!

  3. I LOVE the autumn weather and only wish it would stick around longer. It seems we go from hot and humid to cold and snow. *sigh* Neat pictures, Lindsey.


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