Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letters to Everything


Dear boots, I'm glad you're back!  I like fall but what I really like are my fall clothes.
Dear Brittny, good luck in Berlin! I am proud of you and I will miss you so much! Skype dates all the time, please!
Dear Dan, I am so sorry your van broke down!  I am in such great awe of your fans that have donated to help you get a new transmission in "Big Red".  You are loved by many.  (But mostly by me).
Dear little sister, you are almost to Nashville!  Drive safe, please!  I cant wait to visit you in your new town!
Dear BB, I am so sorry you had to get six shots and a TB test today but you took it like a champ!  You are such a strong boy but I still love your cuddles.  You are so funny and I love hanging out with you!
Dear coffee, I've been kickin' it with you much more frequently than usual.  Sometimes I get headaches from too much or too little.  I think we need to take a break or at least see each other less often. K, thanks.
Dear nailpolish, please stop chipping.  I am way too OCD for chipped nails.
Dear 1987 BMW, I wish you had keyless entry and cup holders.  You're very cool but you're so old. Kind of like Tony Hawk.
Dear $99 jogging stroller, I thought you would suffice but alas, I think I need something fancier.  I would love to jog more but this town's old roads are too treacherous for a cheap thing like you.


  1. "Kind of like Tony Hawk" HA! Love it!

    1. He was the coolest old guy I could think of! :)

  2. I confess to took my boots out a few times over the summer but I am very happy its REAL boot weather now :)

  3. Ha ha I love your little letters! Your da bomb:)

  4. How old is Tony Hawk now, anyway? I think he was a good choice for your simile.
    LOVE the boots! I will be following your blog now, thank you very much!

    Chevron & Lace

    1. HAHA! Thanks! Tony Hawk is the coolest. I just looked it up. He was born in '68 so he's currently 44 years old. :) Thanks for followin!


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