Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Drive-In

We had another family date this week because Dan is heading out on the road for a quick tour to California.  We braved the drive-in movie theater.  We chose a Thursday because the weekends get too full at the drive-in.

We stopped for dinner at a burger joint called Pick Quick.  I remember my dad taking us here many, many years ago.  Dad's are good for finding the weirdest places to eat.  Pick Quick is a summer staple around here.  Not only is the food good and the milkshake flavors limitless, they have a nice lawn with pristeen picnic tables and barrels of flowers. It's so cute!

The drive-in was awesome!  We had plenty of space to ourselves, we sat in lawn chairs outside of the car so the sound of the movie wouldn't bother him.  BB fell asleep before sunset and stayed asleep all night.  

I've always loved the drive-in.  There was one nearby us as a kid that we went to a few times.  They always play a double feature so if you can stay up that late it's even more of a bargain!  I honestly want to go to the drive-in movies all the time.  I feel a need to support them for fear that they'll close down like so many other drive-in movies.  Why did they all close?  Were people in the 80s too good for drive-ins?  Support the drive-in.  It's way cooler than a regular theater.


  1. I haven't been to the drive-in in years :( I wish they were closer, why'd the one on S. Tacoma Way close down I wonder?

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  3. I would totally support the drive-in if we had one near us. :( They are way too cool to be shut down. Sounds like you guys had a great time!!

  4. I LOVE the drive-in! I've never heard of that burger place. Where is it?? I think this needs to be a date night for me and the hubby.

    1. It's on Highway 99 in Fife! Check it out FOR SURE!!


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