Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shrimp Lessons & Mom Swimsuits

We started swim lessons at the YMCA and it's been so fun!  BB is sometimes scared and sometimes squealing in delight but, most of the time, gripping onto me for dear life.  Dan came and took some photos and distracted us the whole time.  But, who cares?  My husband is back!!!

I do what I want.

I have a very cute one-piece swim suit that is so short on my freakishly long body that I can hardly move in it.  I mean, I can move in it just fine but I shouldnt.... ifyaknowwhatImean.  I wore it on to the first class and there were many close calls.  So, I've decided my new mama-baby-swim-class-suit should be this black running tank top and black full-coverage bikini bottoms.  CLASSIC.  I think all the other moms in shrimp class are wearing tankinis, too.  I had to re-tie another mom's top at the first class (she, too, was wearing a different suit at the second class).  I finally realize that moms dont wear "mom swimsuits" because they're lame or ashamed of their bodies.  It's because their kids will tear off anything that's not full coverage and ruched.  I promise that's why.  


  1. I Lol'd at your comment about why we wear "mom swimsuits". Love it!

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  3. Abby started swim classes as a Shrimp! It's so much fun. She's busy in the Inia class now. She's busy giving me heart attacks with all the advanced stuff she does. And the suit, go to Target before the suits are gone. I got a very nice one piece "mom suit" for a very reasonable price. I once saw a mom in the shrimp class recently wearing a string bikini. OK, I saw this on two occasions. I have no clue how her kiddo does not rip that thing off.

  4. That's the YMCA we go for our classes, maybe we'll see you guys there sometime ;) Good job starting swim classes early for him!

    1. No way!! I'm really bad with internet faces and real-life faces so if you see me, let me know!!!


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