Monday, July 23, 2012

Is it Fall?

I went grocery shopping on Friday.  I ran in through the automatic doors as fast as I could because it was POURING and I dont have an umbrella.  I peeled back my hood, wiped my glasses and saw the strangest thing before me:  a display of pumpkin pies for sale.  Pumpkin pie?  Is it fall?  No, it's definitely July.  Could someone please tell the weather to shape up?  Is it possible to get seasonal affective disorder in the July?  Because.  Seriously.  

I'm probably feeling so bad because I miss Dan.  This is the longest we've been apart since we got BB and it's starting to drain me.  On one hand, I feel much more capable as a mother but, on the other, I could really use some help.  

Dan gets home from tour in two days and I'm hoping he's not completely exhausted.  He has to finish painting the house and I have a bachelorette party weekend to host!  

In case you're wondering, I did purchase a pumpkin pie - they were only $2.79! - but I'm still not happy that it feels like fall.


  1. Seriously. I'm wearing flannel. FLANNEL in JULY! argh.

  2. It has been pretty chilly over here on the upper west coast....

  3. Back to wearing scarves for me...


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