Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Little [Photo] Update

[Spoiler Alert:  If you're like me and you bore easily, you shouldn't read this post.  Just look at the pictures.  But, if you love the mundane details of everyday life, please, continue reading!]

Life is just humming along.  Dan left a couple days ago and has had really bad cell reception.  He's playing a festival in Kentucky for a couple days.  Not having cell reception is not something we anticipate this day'n'age.  Dan and I usually get to video chat and text and call as much as we please so the past few days have been a challenge.  He gets out of there Saturday so hopefully we'll get to talk enough next week.

I am very pleased to report that daycare is going really well!  BB's eating and napping and having a blast.  What a relief that he's doing well in daycare!  I dont know what I would do if he didn't like it or if it caused him to wake up a hundred times a night.  He's been so tired when I pick him up but he's happy and cuddly so I can't complain.  He's going to be at daycare 3 days a week while Dan is on tour. I am so glad it's all working out because I've been able to focus on my work and I've noticed a huge difference in my productivity and accuracy.

Our evenings have been nice and peaceful and I've found time to just sit and be still.  One of my favorite things about this house was the backyard and we've been enjoying it just about every day!  It's not officially summer in these parts until after 4th of July but I've been wearing sundresses and top knots and cleaning up the yard.  Dan is painting our house but didnt finish before he left on tour... for a month... so there's a lot of detail work that I'm doing while he's away because I just cant stand to look at it.  ::cough, perfectionist, cough::

Also, this kid had a double ear infection but one ear didnt heal so he's on new antibiotics and he's teething!  WOO!  Fun stuff.


  1. love the photos of BB...and your hair looks fab in a top know btw :)

    1. Thanks, so does yours!! Have you found a black sock yet? :)

  2. I will never bore easily of look at photos of your baby, so cute!


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