Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family Date

Dan and I have really enjoyed the past couple days.  First, there was Dan's homecoming which had squealing, laughing, and then crying.  The 9-month-old literally was crying happy tears to see Dan.  This, of course, made us all bawl.  It was awesome.  We've just been trying to get work done around the house, plan our vacation to Chicago, and also give BB tons of love and attention.  

We went on a family date which consisted of delicious foods:  Marinated balsamic tofu, chips, fruit, and Perrier...(random)!  Since BB is starting to eat more table foods we've kinda changed our diet so that we can share with him more.  Thus, the tofu and fruit salad.  It wasn't cold out but it wasn't particularly warm.  However, it was clear enough to see Mt. Rainier so we Washingtonians would consider this a sunny day.  

He's such a happy boy.  He ate and looked around and touched the ocean for the first time.  It was really simple and whole lot more fun than eating dinner at home.  We want to do it again!  Maybe every week, weather-pending!

He was totally mesmerized by the ocean!

Love, Lindsy


  1. You are so your mother's daughter! So much of your personality (for as much as I can tell from your blog) is your mother all over! Alana was always a free spirit and I think you definately inherited her easy going ways. Looks like you all are enjoying the baby so much....cherish every minute as they grow overnight.

  2. love these photos!! btw lindsy...i just heard there was a recall on the baby giraffe thingys...?

  3. You are such a stylish mama!!
    Also, I LOVE the new blog design!



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