Tuesday, May 29, 2012

9 Months

Dan has been touring for 12 (long) days and we've missed him.  But he always jumps right back into home life and I really appreciate that.  He's even taking us on a family date!  I'm not sure what he's got planned but we're so excited!

BB has started babbling like a crazy person and I cant wait to hear his first word.  He is also trying to crawl which is fun and scary.  His 9 month check-up went fantastic and I was SO excited to hear that he SHOULDN'T be waking up to eat at night and that we can try to wean him off of that.

I am so happy with where we're at right now.  I think that this baby is actually the coolest person I know.  We might be best friends.  No offense, real-life-grown-up-friends.  The pediatrician said we have a great bond so it MUST be true!


  1. I'm so happy BB is doing so well! I feel the same way about Lucia. I swear, she's the coolest person & my favorite person to be around. (Along with T.) So happy for you, Mama!!

  2. Aww, he is so sweet! Glad to hear everything is going well!

  3. i can't get over him. love that baby boy! and i love the new look!!


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