Monday, April 23, 2012

Who Are You?

A few weeks ago we lost all of our blog photos.  All of them.  As we continue the tedious process of putting this blog back together, here is a little something we'd like you to participate in!  

Your comments are so appreciated!  You make our days brighter!  We have lots of new followers and readers and so many of you are a bit shy about saying hello. But we want to get to know all of you! So I pose the following questions, stolen borrowed from Naomi at Of Anselm:

1. Who are you?
2. Where are you from? (You can be as specific or as vague as you feel comfortable.)
3. If you have a blog, what's it about? 
4. Don't have a blog? Tell me what your favorite movie is!

So, let's hear it. Say a word - as many or as few as you'd like! We want to meet you and share a virtual cup of coffee with you - and some coffee cake, cuz we cant help eating delicious, fattening things. Even if you've only been reading for a day or you've commented before, give us all the deets!  And thanks for reading!

D + L + BB


  1. I'm Sara and I live in a teeny little country town in southeast Pennsylvania. I blog at More Photos, Less Words. It's about my life, pictures, faith & adventures. :) Just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog, Lindsy!

  2. I'm Shannon and I am the mother of 22 year old triplets (bbg) and a 21 year old daughter. I live in Fortuna California. I don't have a blog but enjoy reading others. I found your blog while reading one of my many favorites. As I was reading your baby shower blog, I immediately recognized you grandma Jan, aunt Dena and of course your mother. I grew up with your mother in Vancouver and I remember holding you as a baby. What a small world we live in! From reading your blog, it is evident, that you have grown into a beautiful young woman, wife and mother. Tell your mother hello and hope all is well with her. Keep on blogging!

    1. That is amazing! A small world indeed. I will definitely make sure my mom knows about this! I am curious which blog lead you to mine?

  3. Crazy story, but I ran across your blog because I follow Blog Guidebook's blog, which led me to "Of Anselm". I was reading the comments on her questionnaire and then your reply to her's really stuck out to me. :) So now we're following your blog and we can't wait to read through it!

    I'm Whitney. My sweet husband and I live in the beautiful mountainous region of North Alabama. Our blog (jitneysjourneys.blogspot.com) is all about being newlyweds, marriage, creativity, the love of Christ and traveling the world. We moved to Ala. from Georgia last year for his job and they let me tag along everywhere he goes. Our trips last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months, and we're absolutely having the time of our lives. :) Hope you can stop by our blog sometime! If not, all is still swell - we're just excited to read about your family's adventures!!

    Oh - and favorite movie? The Princess Bride. Can't get any better than that classic.

  4. Nikki here ;) Can't remember how I found your blog but started following because you are a yocal and something you had posted about fostering to adopt. Since my biological clock seems to be on snooze...I wanted to keep up on your journey. And what a lovely one it has been, no?

    I have two blogs www.nikkidz.blogspot.com and www.perpetuallyengaged.com and no life apparently. Need to get my balance back!

    1. Hi, Nikki! I need to check out your other blog. I love perpetually engaged!!!


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