Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Ramblings About the Weather

The weather here is such a big deal.  It affects everyone.  Just as I explained in this post, everyone thinks about moving away in March and then in April we get a glimmer of summer for a minute,  just long enough to satiate our appetites and let us know that this IS a great place to live, only to be followed by another temperature drop and more rain.  The weather is totally bi-polar this time of year.  During the weekend we were in shorts and tank tops and today it's raining.  Also, the change in barometric pressure is squeezing my head.  It's pretty terrible.

San Diego is in the 70s and 80s all year long.  Can you imagine?!  I was there in January and it was so strange to wear a sundress in January.  I dont think I could ever live in San Diego.  I dont know if people there really appreciate the weather or if they get used to it.  I like the changing of seasons.  Spring and summer wouldn't be as sweet without getting through the bleak fall and dark winter.  Or maybe that's just what I tell  myself.

I believe that we need to walk through valleys in order to enjoy the mountain tops.  Life cant always be perfect.  Sometimes God allows bad things to happen and you'll never know why.  If life was perfect all the time I'm sure we'd find something else to complain about anyway.  For now, I'll be basking in the sun and working in the garden when it's sunny and staying in to bake cookies and read books when it's raining and not worry what things should be like but taking each day as it comes.  [And secretly hoping for the best, sunniest summer of our lives].  A good metaphor for life, dont you think?

Just eating raw cookie dough.  NBD.

Pre-hair-bleaching, obviously.


  1. "And secretly hoping for the best, sunniest summer of our lives" DITTO!!!! (with extra exclamation points!)

  2. you're absolutely right. i never appreciated the weather in so cal until i moved here. i never even thought twice about it, but it's only because i've never known anything else. i understand why so many people can't stand us now.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! It's not that we cant stand Californians. We're just jealous.


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