Monday, March 19, 2012

Party Weekend

My mom and my sister, Andrea, held two parties this weekend for my family and friends down south that haven't met Baby Bread yet.  Both sets of my grandparents were there, aunts, cousins, friends.  Here is a quick look at everything that they did.  I am so lucky to have a sister like Andrea, right?  And, you guys!  Andrea doesn't even have Pinterest.  She just does these things out of her own creativity. Incredible.

We had:  red velvet cupcakes, Arnold Palmers, cheeses and bruschetta with toasted baguettes, fruit kebabs, hummus rolls, veggies and dip, and a raspberry tart with white chocolate drizzle! YUM.

When we got home late last night, BB would not go to sleep.  It was 11pm and he was still awake, rolling around in his crib.  Then, the screaming.  He screamed bloody murder twice last night.  We fed him both times (yes, WE.  Dan was on night time duty but I couldnt stay in bed when I heard this kid crying like a maniac.)  Then he awoke, an hour earlier than usual, happy as can be!  Then I saw it..... HE CUT A TOOTH! I thought he was freaking about the overwhelming weekend and the long, late night car ride but he was teething.  Duh.  Sometimes we have to learn the hard way.

More party details later this week!  Hope you had a good weekend, too!


  1. Poor guy! I'm sure Jack will be jealous of BB's tooth the next time they see each other!

  2. beautiful party! Poor little guy :( Teeth can be so brutal!

  3. I particularly like the part about Pinterest. lol... and good thing you got so many nice teething toys this weekend! ~Andrea

  4. awesome party! stella 2nd bday party was this weekend, we kept it really simple so avoid the anxiety my 4 y/o's caused me, lol!

  5. everyone thought that was what was going on with him. glad it came thru but it's the 1st of many so hopefully he'll just have a day or two struggling and be fine once it has erupted. Love, Aunt Dena


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