Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dan's Birthday Recap

When I first met Dan, he had bleached-blonde hair and he wore checkered slip-on Vans with camouflage shorts.  He was 19 years old and he was wild.  I went to one of his shows and he sprayed the crowd with silly string and I thought he was so cool.  I still do.

However, I didnt know until a few years later that Dan is an introvert.  He doesn't like parties.  At all.  It's taken us a while to get used to his introvertism and my extrovertism and how to balance it out.  Especially since my career is more introverted and his is definitely extroverted.  (Maybe I should be in a touring band and HE should be at home checking emails!?)

Last year, Dan's birthday was really low key but it was still "too much" for him.  So, this year, having just come off nearly 3 full months on the road, I decided to keep it really, really simple.

In the morning, I tweeted him a picture of his birthday present: STYLISH COMBAT BOOTS!  That's what he wanted.  They were on back order and didn't get here in time so a picture was the best I could do.  Then, we spent the day with our cute baby.  That evening, we had our nanny come over and put BB to bed.  We went and got a pizza and I took Dan to Sam and Ben's apartment.  Sam is one of our very best friends.  He's super laid back and he's the kind of guy who you can do anything with and have a good time.  Ben is also one of our best friends and he just got back from 3 months in Asia (thus, the tank tops).  Nate and Danielle are awesome friends and I invited them as well as Dewey, the singer of Dan's band and one of Dan's closest friends.  5 greats friends who love Dan and love each other.  Once you start inviting these people.. you've gotta invite those people ... and once you invite him ... you gotta invite her...  So, I kept it simple.

A lot of friends seemed disappointed, even offended, that they weren't invited to celebrate Dan's birthday.  And, I am so sorry!  That's a crappy feeling, being left out.  Trust me, I wanted to throw him a surprise party with everyone we know but I've learned better.  Jeez, it only took me 10 years to realize it.  Dan doesn't like big to-dos.

We had a potluck because Dan doesn't really like "going out".  I brought pizza and brownies.  Ben made amazing nachos!  Nate brought his famous salad.  Dewey brought drinks.  It was a junk food feast and it was exactly what I thought Dan would have wanted.   He was so happy with our little shindig and told me all night how perfect it was.  So easy to please!  He makes being a wife so easy sometimes!  I love you, Dan!


  1. It was such a great night! Exactly how i would have planned it myself!!!


  2. what a thoughtful wife! it looks like you had a great time.

  3. Thank you Lindsy for taking care of DAN. YOU ARE AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN THE BEST FOR HIM. I was so excited when you married him because you always make life worth it for him!! Love you both. Momma J


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