Thursday, March 08, 2012

High on Thrifting

There were a couple of years in junior high when I was trying to be a snob.  But once I realized that my parents weren't going to buy all my clothes from The Gap or Nordstrom, I quickly switched to thrifting.  I shopped at Value Village where my allowance and babysitting dollars went a lot further than they did at department stores.  Thrifting allowed me to express my individuality, which you can't do when you're shopping exclusively at Abercrombie.  I could be unique and wear clothes that no one else had instead of wearing the clothes that everyone was wearing.  

When I met Dan, he was totally into thrifting, too.  He liked silly, vintage T-shirts and so did I.  In fact, our first gifts to each other were thrifted T-shirts.  He got me a "Dont Mess With Texas" shirt and I got him a blue and pink "Hawaii" shirt straight out of the 80s.  

This week, I went to Value Village and I got Baby Bread some books, a onesie, a toy piano, and a 99 cent frame.  For myself, I got a greyish cotton slouchy top and a retro plaid top.  I also got an apple bowl.  Or a maybe it's a pumpkin?  I served salad in it last night!  I love it.  And then, the giant fork and spoon.  They don't match my mint-green kitchen so they're on the wall in the dining room.  I might spraypaint them white and put them in the kitchen but I think they'd lose their vintage look which is what drew me to them in the first place.

The 99 cent frame was for the mustache print I ordered from automatte on Etsy.  I want to get more!  They're even doing a Make Your Own Vintage Travel poster for only $12.  Choose a background and then add the name of your town.  How cute?!  Anyway, all the frame needed was a coat of white spray paint - which I had in my basement!  Always keep a can of white spray paint in your basement.  Trust me.  

It was such a great thrifting trip that I want to go again soon!  Someone has a birthday coming up....  ;)


  1. i was wondering where the fork and spoon came from! so cute!

  2. love this post! Great thrifts, I LOVE those wall utensils!

  3. i wouldn't have taken a second look at that spoon and fork. i think i always miss out on the great stuff because i can't automatically visualize the stuff in my home. what a great find!!! and you placed it so well.

  4. I started thrifting in HS and have been addicted ever since. It is just so fun and so gratifying! Love the giant fork and spoon....and all the baby stuff. Amazing.

  5. Great finds! Love the soon and fork =)


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