Friday, March 09, 2012

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Yesterday was sunny!  Where we are from, if the sun is out - no matter how cold - you must go outside.  So, to instill this in my kiddo, I decided we should spend some time in our backyard.  Dan and I moved into this house because our loft wasn't approved for foster-home licensing and one of the things we love about being in a house again is that we have a backyard.  We moved in 10/30/11 and haven't had a chance to be in the yard so we took full advantage!

I am so glad he had fun.  I loved it.   It's getting me SO excited for summer, our little family, cuddling in the backyard.  We even made new friends!  The neighbor's dogs.  I didnt even know the neighbor had dogs but maybe they're new?  Or maybe they were outside because it was sunny.  They were nice dogs and only barked once.  They were very interested in this little person and he was very interested in them.  A budding friendship, I hope.

It's supposed to rain today, of course.  Classic Washington!  Hope the weather is nice where you are!

Lindsy + BB


  1. Sounds beautiful! Sunshine is the best. :) When I saw the title to your blog post I immediately started singing along with Mr. Rogers in my head.

  2. never in my life have i ever appreciated sunshine so much! i can't wait to live outdoors in the summer.


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