Friday, January 27, 2012

Wild West Documentary

Here are some clips I threw together of our past week together in Arizona.  We have been having so much fun.  We're taking it easy for a couple days and will be in the L.A. area and Salton Sea/Slab City/Salvation Mountain by the end of this week where I will be shooting photos and video of the band!

All we've been talking about is "When we get a baby... __________" or "Can we ___________ if we have a baby in [insert month]?".  We have no answers and no timelines.  We have no idea what to expect.  I guess the easy thing would be to try and get pregnant and then there are far less unknowns - at least you get a due date!  But, we want to adopt and the road we've chosen is full of unknowns.  We are getting so excited for Tuesday's orientation with the new agency.  [The orientation we've been waiting two years to go to!]  If you are lost in what I'm talking about, you should read this post.

Have a great weekend!  XOXO, Lindsy

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  1. I feel like we're doing the same thing but it's more like "if we move to North Dakota"... yea I know, I'd rather have your line.


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