Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Travel Day

Today is my travel day.  I am flying to Tacoma in a couple hours.  I cannot believe I have been gone for two weeks.  I had so much fun!  I love being with Dan all day, whether we're just clicking away on our laptops or going on a wild adventure.

My two weeks in the desert are over and it's bittersweet.  I won't see Dan again until our trip to France but I have some exciting things planned in the next two weeks.  I have a new adoption agency to get acquainted with, friends to catch up with, and pre-baby shower on the 11th!  Tonight is the orientation class at our new agency.  I am excited and nervous and hopeful.  Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated.  

I will most likely look back on this trip as our last wild adventure before we started a family.  Which is crazy to think about.  

To my husband:  Thank you for your adventurous spirit!  You have promised me the world and literally given it to me.  Thank you for making traveling a priority.  I cant wait to travel with you more and someday bring out kiddos along for the wild ride.  I love you and I'll miss you!!!  Be safe, come home soon.

Also, I think I'm getting my hair bleached when I get home.  This hombre-balayage look is starting to look shabby, not chic.  


  1. I love you so much! Thank you so much for coming with me and going along with all my craziness. I look forward to warping the minds of our kids with you! We are going to have a busy couple of weeks and then a wild adventure in France!!!!

  2. i just love this and you guys so much. this is awesome. i'm glad to hear you had happy travels :)

  3. i love that you're having one last hurrah as a twosome. good luck with the new agency!

    1. thank you! I called it our "baby moon"! :)


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