Saturday, January 07, 2012

Love Letters to Someone I've Never Met

The decision to start a family has been a very long and well thought-out process.  And, I have proof in the form of a scribbled in journal I've been keeping for the past 3 years.  

In 2008, I started a journal for our adopted child.  Daniel and I have been talking about adoption since we got married.  2008 was when our friends, Jeremy and Kristalyn, adopted their son through a local agency.  Inspired by their story, we knew it was the path we wanted to take.  Their agency helps young, teenage moms make the choice for adoption.  The girls get counseling and tutoring and a place to stay (if they've been kicked out of their homes).  The birth mothers choose the adoptive parents and the agency helps both parties come to an agreement on how open or closed they want it the adoption to be.

We have been on the waiting list for that agency for almost two years now.

This past summer, I made another phone call to said agency.  No orientations have been scheduled.  We knew we wanted to start the process so we asked about other options.  I called the (new) agency they referred us to and was surprised to talk to Karen, a woman we know!  She's in charge of placing children in licensed foster homes.  I was so happy to find that connection.  We applied right away and 4 months later, we're licensed foster parents with hopes to adopt.

We are still hoping to adopt.  If we do, When we do, I cannot wait until he or she is old enough to read this journal.  It's an account of all that Daniel and I have been through to bring a child into our home and love them and take care of their every need.  I am praying that we get to be parents to a child who knows how much we love them, and most importantly receives that love wholeheartedly.


  1. I love this!! (And your handwriting!) I bet this will be something your lil' one will treasure when they are old enough to read it! How awesome!


  2. wow...what a gift to have 3 years of emotions down on paper! I'm sure it will be treasured!


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