Tuesday, January 03, 2012


The holidays flew by and my once bustling, brilliant, pine-scented existence is now quiet. Here I am with a un-adorned home, rainy weather, and a husband who’s going to be traveling non-stop for almost three months. It’s a bit overwhelming.  
With Dan leaving for so long, we have made an effort to spend a lot of time with friends over the last few weeks. Since we dont have family nearby, it’s important for us to stay connected to our community of friends.  I have learned the importance of sharing my life with others in a deeper way than what I am used to.  It’s so important to find friends you can talk to.  I have become much closer with the people in my life who are apathetic and, at the same time, support our lifestyle and Dan being on tour.  I like to be with people who ask about Dan, where he is and how I’m doing.  While my husband is away, I have made a rule for myself:  I will only spend time with my friends who know and love my husband and who respect our marriage.  It’s important to me that we maintain our identity as a couple – even when he’s traveling.  We are so grateful for each person in these photos - and many more not pictured.  These are the people who call me and invite me out or have me over for dinner while Dan is touring.  I appreciate it, very much.
What do you do to share your life with your friends?  Do you  have a place or a group with whom you feel comfortable to share your struggles and victories with?


  1. Just checked your blog for the first time since I'm back in town... love the new header!!


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