Sunday, December 04, 2011

Size Doesn't Matter

Okay, when you take a picture of a Christmas tree with no frame of reference - like a person standing next to it - it just looks like an average Christmas tree.  So, the whole point of this post is pretty ... pointless.

Last year, we lived in a loft with 12' ceilings.  This year, we're in a little old craftsman home with 8' ceilings and not a lot of extra space in the living room.  So, our tree is about half the size of last years' tree.  

And that is okay with me.  
No, I do not always dress like a lumberjack.  Just....keepin warm!

Last years' 9 footer!
2011 5 footer.


  1. Where is that loft? beautiful! Ours is the same size as yours this year. I said I needed a skinny sihlouette until we find another house with a place for a tree!

  2. The loft is in downtown Tacoma. More about it here: http://www.dontknowhowtorelax.com/search/label/downtown%20living


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