Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Experiment

I started making a video but it was really dull. I was mainly complaining/laughing about how I am making some Christmas gifts this year.  Debbie Downer!  So, instead I experimented with how to make a cinemagraph!  I love our mantle with the lighted garland and our REAL Noble Fir tree.  (It's the only good thing about it getting dark at 4:45 each night.)  So, I used this clip, which was to be the ending of my boring/whiney/uninteresting vlog/video.


And, no, I didnt get in and out of the chair.  I just used a clip where I got out of the chair, then reversed it so it could loop forever and ever.  I used this tutorial by Andy Valentine.


  1. That I so rad!
    And what a cute, cozy house!! I miss coming over on Fridays. Congrats on the new house by the way :).


  2. Cambria!!! I want you girls to come over again!!! Since most of you drive to school we can make it work still. Miss you!


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