Monday, October 10, 2011


Life's been a little crazy lately. We just went on a mini-tour to Eugene and Portland and we might be moving to a more kid-friendly place. This involves hours on the internet and driving around neighborhoods.  so, this blog is completely pointless but I got this from grace loves the beatles and I thought it was so cute!  Whe is a 12 year-old blogger and photographer!  (twelve!!!)  She's amazing.  

age: twenty eight.  i know! i cant believe it either! ;)
bed size: king  (we are really large human beings).
chore you hate:  dishes, until we have a dishwasher again someday.
dogs:  i long for a french bulldog.  i would name him Francois or Guillame or something like that.
essential start to your day: coffee.
favorite color: a sagey-army greenish color.
gold or silver: i love 'em both!
height: 5'8"
instruments you play: i try to play piano and bass and sometimes drums but i'm mediocre, at best.
job title:  project manager for a marketing group, photographer, wife, daughter, friend, soon-to-be-mom.
kids:  a 0-5 year-old whom i have not met yet but love immensely and unconditionally
live: tacoma, washington and i kind of love it
mother's name:  Alana.
nicknames:  Linz, L-Dub, Sweatsuit
overnight hospital stays:  never!
pet peeves:  mouth noises, laziness, rudeness, close-mindedness
quote from a movie:  i prefer to quote "drunk history" - google it.
right or left handed: me: right, dan is a lefty!
siblings: 2 sisters and 1 brother.  i am the oldest.
time you wake up:  around 8am.
underwear:  i like it.
vegetable you hate:  i love them all!
what makes you run late:  forgetting my purse or phone or forgetting where i parked.
xrays that you've had:  teeth (dentist), leg (snowboarding accident), back 
yummy food that you make:  my specialties are enchiladas, thai stir-fry with peanut sauce, banana bread, biscuits, and cookies.
zoo animal:  i like the aquariums and the lions.

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