Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My Danny left me this morning for a tour to California.  We always go on a date the night before tour.  We do not use our phones on dates - unless it's an emergency or a last-minute tour problem from one of the band members.  This last date is our special time to make sure we can get through the next 7-14 days without wanting to die.  After touring for a year we've noticed a few things.  On a tour that's longer than a week, day 8 and 9 are the worst.  So, we're planning on doing some extra-special things on those days.  I plan on sending him love letters and [wifi-permitting] doing a Skype video-chat.  He will hopefully send me flowers.  (Not gonna happen but a girl can dream).  Tour life is hard but ... it pays the bills.  They are working their way to larger shows and hopefully staying home more often so it's a sacrifice I'm making in hopes for a better future.  So far, it's been good for us both.  We are growing closer and learning so much about our relationship. 

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