Monday, June 27, 2011

Caught Unawares

Caught unawares.

My best friend in Tacoma is moving back to Wisconsin.

I cant believe it! She's been here for four years.  I remember the day she arrived.  Just having come from a tumultuous situation in the wild city of Chicago, she arrived on my doorstep November 1, 2007, bleach blonde, skinny as a rail.  Brit and I hit it off.  She was much more careful with me than with most people.  She can be brash but at least you know where you stand with her.  If she doesn't like you, you'll know.  That's something I appreciate about Brit.  You get what she's giving, whether you like it or not.  She'll tell if you she doesn't feel like going to Matador again or would rather watch a comedy than a sad, indie film.  She's just ... HERSELF.  She's one of those multi-faceted friends.  She's not the friend you go out for a glass of wine with, the friend you go dancing with, the friend you meet up at a coffee shop with, the friend who helps you move, the friend you get a tattoo with, or the friend you play sports with --- to me, she's all those things and more.  We have had a blast these past four years and, to be honest, Tacoma won't feel the same without her.  All my best memories of living here are because of her.  She made Tacoma feel like home.  Even though we're not blood related (she's my husband's cousin) we always told new people we met that we were cousins.  I love her like family.  She IS family.

Her going away party is Wednesday and then we're roadtripping to the midwest.  Hopefully I can process all of this sadness and let her know how much I'll miss her.  In the meantime, I am posting some of my favorite photos of her from the past four years.  Enjoy.

Hiking.  March 2011.

Brit's surprise birthday party.  October 2010.


Brit's birthday party.  October 2010.

Victor's funeral.  Victor was a bunny Brit had for 1 week.

Las Vegas, Sept 2009.  Photo by: Dan.

France Party - Spring 2009.

Fall 2008.



  1. Oh, Tacoma, I don't really know ya...my how that has changed! I'm physically leaving the greatest friends of my entire life in order to hopefully make my family a part of that same list.
    Thank you for writing this, Lindsy! I love you! You are one of my tippy top rats!

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  3. that sucks big time when bffs move away. at least there's the internet, right? ; )


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