Friday, April 15, 2011

Weather you like it or not

According to Wikipedia, it's cloudy 201 days out of the year in the Seattle metropolitan area. We just broke a record for almost 30 days of precipitation (not 24/7). Needless to say, the rain is getting OLD and everyone is jonesin' for some sun! People get SO MAD around here about the weather. Part of me gets it while another part of me wants to scream, "MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU DONT LIKE THE WEATHER!!!!!!". Sorry. I know that's kind of rude but SERIOUSLY. It's always green, it's always cloudy, and it rains 9 months out of the year. Everybody knows it. Seattle/Tacoma are famous for many things but I'd say our rain and clouds are in the top 5 (along with Starbucks, Nirvana, mountains/trees, and glass art).
I'm not one to complain. At least I dont think I am...?? My mom never tollerated complaining. She lets us rant now that we're all grown ups but the woman had 4 kids so complaining was just forbidden. Can you IMAGINE 4 kids whining all the time? Ew. So, rather than complain about the weather, I choose to ignore it. I really do. I just shrug my shoulders and remind myself why I love it here. Here's how I manage to get through January/February/March/April/(and sometimes even May)'s bad weather:

  • Open the curtains and let that little bit of light in!

  • Turn the lights on in your house, the incandescent yellowy glow seems more like sunshine.

  • Go to the gym.

  • Eat fruit and veggies and summery foods!

  • Go to the mall or the movies or other indoor places.

  • This one is sort-of obvi... Wear hats and coats with hoods (by the way, REAL Washingtonians don't even OWN an umbrella!)

  • Put on proper foot wear and go for a walk in the city or a hike in the mountains - it's not very cold here.

  • Find a reason (or not) to throw a party! Hanging out with people you love is always a mood booster.

  • Buy Tulips and pretty flowers! (I got these potted tulips this morning at Stadium Thriftway for $6.99)
Anyway, hang in there, friends! Summer will be here before you know it!!!


  1. Good post. People in WI like complaining about the weather almost as much as they like the packers (we'll, they LOVE the packers which is super annoying). And I be all like, "Then move, retards; no one told you have to live here." It's pretty annoying if you let people get to you. Come visit us in Colorado a lot when we move in August! It's sunnier there than San Diego or Miami!

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