Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tour de Crab Rangoon

I have a special cousin who's not really my cousin... she's Dan's cousin but I claim her as my own. She is from the midwest, God bless her, and she loves Crab Rangoon. I'm not sure, but I think crab rangoon (a.k.a. fried wontons) are the most non-authentic Americanized Chinese food. Case in point: there's cheese in them and they're deep fried. Nonetheless, she loves crab rangoon and despite the fact that I've been vegan since September I planned "Tour de Crab Rangoon" and just went with it. This was a surprise for her. She and I haven't spent much quality time together. So, last night I picked her up at 6:15 and he hit up three local restaurants in search of the best crab rangoon. 3 restaurants, 3 price ranges. Here is my version of our reviews.
Wok and Teriyaki: $4.99Filling: best of the 3, crabby, creamy, perfect!
Pastry: too crispy, not chewy
Other: there were 6 so sharing wasn't awkward!
Wild Orchid: $6.95Filling: Not enough crab
Pastry: Perfection! Crispy and chewy. AMAZING!
Other: They were big and there were 7 or 8 of them. The plum sauce was AWESOME!
Indochine: $9.99Filling: VERY crabby and different because it had garlic and cilantro.
Pastry: Almost perfect, a little too crispy
Other: Spicy-Sweet sauce was awesome! And there were 7... AWKWARD!

In conclusion, I think that a hybrid of Wok & Teriyaki's filling with Wild Orchid's pastry and Indochine's sauce would be the best crab rangoon in town. The search continues.....


  1. can you do this again please...and can I come next time?

  2. The Hub has them now. I've always got them at Galanga Thai on Broadway downtown, so good!


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