Saturday, October 08, 2016

A Trip to the Beach

When we moved to Nashville two and a half years ago we had planned to travel more. With so many great cities and beaches just a drive away, the opportunities are endless. Only, we haven't done much traveling. Now that Liam is in full time school (M-F, 8a-2p) we decided to get out of town during his fall break. Nashville is slowly changing seasons but we weren't ready to give up summer. Ronan's birthday is just around the corner so when I sent out his birthday invite to some friends who lamented about missing it because they were in Florida.... I got on AirBnb. Well, they invited us first. I didn't invite myself. But we're so glad they did! They have 4 kids, we have 2, their father(in-law) had a big house with the BEST POOL, and we cooked together and beached together and it was just so fun. Definitely a great budget vacation. Airbnb is the absolute best. We all came back a little sunburnt and very tired. Our kids are beach-babies for sure. Florida, we'll be back!

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