Monday, June 27, 2016

Things to Consider When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Most of the time when you're planning a wedding you're in uncharted territory. Unless you have 15 daughters or you're a professional wedding planner, you probably have little to no idea what you're doing. Too often, problems arise between client and photographer that are totally avoidable. Here are some tips and things to consider when hiring a wedding photographer...

1. What's your budget?
Most photographers list their prices or their starting prices. Most wedding photographers dont have packages for less than 5 or 6 hours so when you see "starting at $2000", this means that they'll cover the basics of your event (ceremony and some reception) but you're probably not getting any extras (like a second shooter or an album) for that price. Don't skimp on your photo budget - but dont think that you need someone there all day either. 8 hours should cover just about everything. 10 - 14 hours would document YOUR ENTIRE DAY and if that's what you want, you'll need to significantly increase your budget. Photographer's prices are should be based on their experience and their gear. I, personally, charge less because I'm not a gear-head. I dont own every $2000 lens that Canon makes so I typically rent that gear which means savings for my client while still providing a great product.

2. Do you like their style?
Look through their site. What do you like? Why do you like it? Do you like the composition of the photos? The color? The style? The poses? Let them know exactly what you like - and what you dont! This will ensure a better finished product.

3. How does their style suit your event? 
Too often a photographer will post an abundance of those light and airy outdoor shots of the happy bride and groom in perfect light under perfect, peaceful conditions. But how does that photographer do with low light? Or spur of the moment shots like the bouquet toss? Look for these things in their portfolio. 

If you're planning a dark and intimate reception, find a photographer that works well in low light. If you want a dimly lit room, you may need to consider the fact that a flash will be going off every 10 seconds to accommodate for photos. If you want a photographer that uses natural light, you may need to crank up the lights - which, of course, alters the mood of your event and can drastically change the guests experience. On the flip side, if you're doing an outdoor wedding in full sun, make sure your photographer is comfortable with that, too.

4. Have you made enough time in your schedule for the photos you want?
If you want plenty of family photos, make sure you family is on time and consult with your photographer about what you want and how long it might take. If you want some beautiful, intimate portraits of you and your spouse, but you're only giving them 15 minutes between the ceremony and the reception you may need to readjust your schedule. Here's what a typical 6 hour day looks like: fake some getting ready shots and detail shots (30 minutes), do a first look and some family portraits (1 hour), shoot the ceremony (30 - 60 min), take portraits and wedding party photos during cocktail hour (1 hour), get the first dances, toasts and cake cutting (2 hours) and since no one wants photos taken while they eat the photographer can't really do a lot during dinner service. So, 5 or 6 hours can be done but it goes by quickly! I personally am much more comfortable when I have 8 hours. Wedding photographers, by nature, are pretty good and getting a great shot with little time but carving out some time in your day specifically for photos will benefit everyone!

Just a note:  Keep your expectations in check when you hire a photographer. Don't give them 1000 Pinterest ideas (that we've seen 100x each). Wedding photographers are artists; Let us do our thing. 

What else do you consider before hiring a photographer?

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