Sunday, August 16, 2015

Baby Brother's Baby Shower

Today I had the pleasure of attending a fun, woodland -themed gathering with indigo dye, laughter + prayers. It was baby brother's baby shower! I had two friends offer to throw me a baby shower so I let them both collaborate. I am so humbled by the friendships I've made here in such a short time.  Nearly 4 years ago Liam had a baby shower and we got a ton of adorable clothes, mostly rock star themed, but the best part about it was that, even though we picked the date at least 2 months in advance, it happened the Saturday after I brought him home. So, everyone got to meet him! Liam came to us in such a whirlwind that most of the baby stuff we got was used. We've moved across the country (and moved three times since) so although I kept the very best stuff, we didn't really feel prepared for another child. I kept the party small, just the friends that I see regularly. Once you start an invitation list, it's easy to get carried away - especially when you go to a small church. But, I wanted to keep this party small to justify throwing a much bigger party after Baby Brother is here. (I think people call it a "sip and see"?) No gifts, just come and meet the baby. What type of "baby shower" do you prefer? 

For the indigo dye station, I gathered all of the white onesies and T-shirts from Liam's hand-me-downs and boxes that friends have send. Guests got to put their own personal touch on them. Goodbye, boring ol' stained onesies! Hello, trendy new one-of-a-kind onesies! They're currently drying in my bathroom and I cant wait to stuff a tiny boy in them and pair them up with tiny baby pants.

Anyway, Dan's home after a 10 day tour and we're in a new home and I'm ready to settle in and "nest"! Prepping all the cloth diapers, washing all the tiny clothes and dreaming about my sweet boy.                    

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  1. How fun! That looks like such a fun shower. I often stop by your blog and I really enjoy it, but I'm not very good at commenting! I nominated you for a peer award called the Liebster Award: http://afettlefinethyme.com/2015/08/24/liebster-award-yay/


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