Friday, July 03, 2015

27 Weeks : Happy Independence Day!

Sunglasses: Fossil, Shoes: Dr. Scholls, Top + Skirt: thrifted.

I find my profile to be pretty funny! For a while it felt like belly vs. booty but I think the belly has finally won. That's not a few extra cheeseburgers in there; That's all baby. In fact, my appetite is back to "normal" after months of a ravenous, demon-like hunger. 3 meals a day and still not craving any sweets. Baby Brother is a big fan of meat, fruits and veggies. I think he's going to be a healthy boy in every sense of the word. We get to see him again on Tuesday (another ultrasound) and I get to take the glucose test that I've heard so much about. All in all, I'm feeling good. Just a little slower and a whole lot bigger. I think he grew a ton while we were in LA! 

Good news. We think we have just one name for him. The only perceived problem is that Liam cant say it very well. But, we'll work on it.

I threw on my best - and comfiest - red, white and blue! The top was a little boys shirt. I cut off the sleeves and tied it over the bump. The skirt, also thrifted, has been worn many times already during this pregnancy. I can dress it up with a black top and fancy shoes or dress it down with a gray T and flip flops. It was the best $2.99 I've ever spent.

Wishing you all a very safe and happy 4th of July! I love 4th of July! The official start of summer. I'm looking forward to pulled pork sandwiches and snuggling my boys during the fireworks tonight. 


  1. You and baby are so adorable. I wish you didn't leave 2390834 hours away so we could come visit and the kids could wear each other out. Love you and your family!

  2. I love that your son saying the name is important. For our second daughter we said we'd choose the first name our oldest could pronounce, which is how we knew we'd found the right one.


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