Friday, June 05, 2015

23 Weeks

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and Baby Brother is the size of a grapefruit. I feel pretty good although I've been needing more sleep that usual. For a few weeks, I felt almost normal. My eating habits were back to pre-pregnancy standards, I was running, I had energy. But now.... I feel pregnant. A little tired and swollen, especially on the hot days.

My lifelong best friend is due any day now with her first: a girl named Bailey. The anticipation has me so excited and, naturally, thinking about my own birth just 4 months from now. I do not have a birth plan and we haven't signed up for birthing classes. I'm in the thick of wedding season so my mind and schedule have little room for such things. Dan has been home so much more this year than last and he's been to both of our ultrasounds and 3 of my OB appointments so he's getting familiar with everything. But, still, I think a class will do us both some good! What I do have is an almost complete collection of cloth diapers, a few disposables for the early weeks, and,  the most fun: his coming home from the hospital outfit. 

Sun glasses: Forever 21, Tank: J Crew, skirt: thrifted, shoes: Converse.
I got my hair done this week and I feel like a million bucks! I haven't had my usual scalp bleach since before I got pregnant. I wasn't comfortable doing it in the early weeks, something about it just didn't feel right. Now that Baby Brother is big and strong, paired with the fact that Gwen Stefani did it throughout her pregnancies (and Gwen can do no wrong), I felt that it was time to get it done. (My doctor gave me permission 10 weeks ago, by the way.)

These photos were taken after we'd just left a doctor's appointment. Liam was at Parent's Day Out so Dan and I had half-a-day to ourselves. We ended up at the Pinewood Social pool, gulping down water and steak tacos. It was exactly what we needed. This outfit was so last minute but so comfy. That's a $4 skirt from the Goodwill paired with a fancy "silk" tank top from J. Crew -- and sneakers. But, I think it works. And, it fits. And, I felt good. So that's a winning pregnancy outfit in my book!

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  1. Definitely winning! Can't wait to see little brother!!!!


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