Thursday, May 07, 2015

Our Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal can be so cheesy but we really just wanted an excuse to throw a party. Dan's only home for a week so we thought we'd hit 30 birds with one stone by throwing a pre-summer gender reveal party in our backyard. (Although, it was 87 degrees today so it felt like summer to me!) We served hot dogs and pizza, pink and blue punch, s'mores and watermelon. I had an elaborate vision of hanging streamers from the beautiful tree in our backyard and rigging the "wrong" color to fall with the simple pull of a string. We decided, after a hilarious conversation in the aisles at Party City, that we should just do balloons coming out of a box but we didnt have a box that doesn't say HOME DEPOT on all 6 sides so we decided we'd use our old trunk. We gathered everyone around and popped open the trunk! It's a boy! Liam was the MOST excited about having balloons and getting to stay up late with some of his best friends. We were so blessed by everyone who came. We are totally overwhelmed by the love and friendships we've found here. Baby Boy Read, you're being welcomed into a beautiful community.

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