Sunday, May 31, 2015

22 Weeks: Maxi Dress

Dress and Shoes: Forever 21
Dan says I look "really pregnant" and I kind of have to agree with him. Gone are the worries of "Can anyone tell I'm pregnant?". There's no question. There's a baby in there. This week I feel swollen. The humid Tennessee summer is upon us along with epic rain storms and balmy evenings. It's going to be hot and humid until baby brother gets here. I'm still running but it's about time to get inside on the treadmill. Air conditioning will be my saving grace! Baby boy is the size of a spaghetti squash and is moving and kicking lots. He still doesn't have a name but we're working on it. We're not sure if we'll announce it before he's here. So, stay tuned.

So, this dress was at Forever 21. I really only bought because I thought it would work - and it does! I'm wearing it to weddings; one that I worked and one that I attended. I think I'll be able to wear it for a few more weeks - even months! And I'm sure it will fit next summer, too.


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