Friday, February 27, 2015

Wrenn Jewelry

We just returned from a week in Disney World, following Liam's love week: the 3 year anniversary of his Gotcha Day and the one year anniversary of his adoption. It was a blast I'll get around to sharing about that. What you may have seen in the recap of Liam's Valentine's Day Party were necklaces. Every mom that came got a beautiful necklace from Wrenn Jewelry. We were sent a variety of Druzy Pendants that were simple and stunning. They came in silver, gold and the ever trendy rose gold. You can even personalize your necklaces for as low as $7.00! I'm definitely ordering a letter or two!

I love Wrenn Jewelry's modern style on a natural, earthy stone. It kinda suits me: platinum haired, red-lipped hippy from the Northwest. Modern and earthy is my thing.
Check out Wrenn Jewelry for beautiful, delicate, fun pieces of jewelry. Perfect for gifts!
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