Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vacation Hangover

We've returned from two weeks in the Pacific Northwest. I'd like to say it was relaxing but traveling with a toddler felt like regular, everyday life. We got to have some fun but we also painted my dad's warehouse (and be "we" I mean mostly Dan). I did 5 photoshoots while we were there, too. We went on some amazing hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. We celebrated my mom's birthday, my birthday and our wedding anniversary. It was a very full two weeks.

Dan left a few days early, to get back on the road, and Liam got a little crazy. He was OVER IT. I got hit more times than I can count and heard him say that he missed daddy and wanted to go home over and over again. When the time finally came to fly this kid back to Nashville, he was ready. The flights were great! The layover was a little nuts but the fact is we made it and I am no longer scared or dreadful of traveling alone with him. 

During our layover in Denver, I dropped my phone in the toilet. Awful. Disgusting. Horrifying. It worked fine and I thought I was in the clear. Until we got home last night and it wouldn't charge. Into a bag of rice it went and I'm still not sure if it's going to be okay. 

So, today I got to experience life as an adult in the 80s - but without the shoulder pads and recreational cocaine usage. I made plans with a friend (via Facebook messenger - okay, that part isn't very 80s) to meet at a new restaurant. Liam and I went out and ran errands and got to the restaurant five minutes early. We got a table, I ordered coffee and water. We waited. When she was a few minutes late, I started to worry. Maybe this place is so new it's not on Google maps? After 20 minutes, I ordered food, we ate it, and I rushed home to message her. Yes, she was lost. She drove around looking for it and I felt awful. I also haven't heard from my husband in 24 hours. I've tried Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Skype. No luck. Phones, man. How did we ever live without them? 

It's full on wedding season! I've got 4 - 5 weddings every month until the end of the year. Liam turns three next week and he's starting in a Mother's Day Out program 2 times a week. So, I guess you could say... we're home and we're ready to party. 

I think I have a vacation hangover. I need a vacation to get over my vacation! How do you feel after a long vacation?

Oregon Zoo with my friend Amanda and her boys, Macklin and Merrick.

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  1. It takes me about a month to settle back in after our three months home for the summer. But the good thing about the chaos of vacation is that it makes settling into our regular fall routine really exciting. Bedtimes! Alarm clocks! Structure!


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