Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We're Gonna Make It

Liam and I have seen Dan less than thirty days this year. Save for our cross country move and a week at Easter we haven't seen him more than 2 days in a row for these first 5 months of 2014. We said it before and we'll say it again: If we can make it through the first half of 2014, we can make it through anything. We made it, folks! It was hard. Our relationship is what got us through the loneliest and poorest times of our life. Struggles can quickly show the cracks in a marriage and in some cases make it stronger. I think we're stronger. 

Re-entry after months of travel is always hard. He's in my way, literally and figuratively. He's trying to help but doesn't know where the kitchen towels are, for example. We'll find our rhythm these next 2+ weeks and then he leaves again. That's the life we lead. I'm just so happy he's home. 

A few days ago I wasn't so sure but I know now that we're going to make it down here in the South. it's only May and I'm pretty sure we've hit temperatures that the NW has never even seen. I like hot, humid weather... on vacation... for a week... in a swim suit. But living in it? That's a whole other story. Summers in the NW are so pleasant and rarely "too hot". It's a whole new world where summer starts in April and ends in October and "too hot" happens more frequently than anyone is willing to admit to this Nashville-newbie. Thus, my new summer survival must-haves: 
  1. midi-skirts 
  2. tank tops (duh) 
  3. sports bras (24/7 uniboob and I dont even care)
  4. trips to the lake
  5. popsicles 
  6. a giant cup full of ice water at all times
  7. top knots
What are your summer must-haves?

Skirt: thrifted. Tank: H&M. Wedges: Target. Bangle: thrifted.


  1. I remember these summers well...I'd always have a change of clothes with me because I would often sweat through them unfortunately. :( stay in AC as much as possible!

  2. yay! i am so glad that he's home & you guys feel stronger! here's hoping he finds the towels soon and you guys enjoy each other well :)


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