Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Around Nashville: Arrington Vineyard

I'm going to start a new series of places I love in Nashville. These places are likely nothing new to the Nashville native - or anyone who's lived here more than a year. But, since I like to explore and document a new series is born: Around Nashville. 

Last weekend we visited Arrington Vineyard. Our friend Angee, the one with the vibrant red hair, was celebrating her 30th birthday! We brought blankets, cheese, crackers, fruit and a bag'o'tricks for Liam. When we got there I was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance. Not only is there a hillside full of shady trees and scattered picnic tables, there are actual rows of grapevines and a beautiful tasting room that had a very homey, lodgey, Pacific Northwest feel. Guests of Arrington, Angee's party included, decorate their tables with floral arrangements and colorful blankets. The hillside was alive with color, running children and happy chatter.

Perhaps an even greater surprise was Angee's engagement ring! John proposed that day and she got to surprise each new party guest with a wave of her left hand which resulted in screams and jumping and excitement. We are so happy for you, Angee and John!

Also, the wine was good. You can buy a huge variety in the shop and they can open it for you and offer you plastic cups. The average price was about $25/bottle. 

Liam was able to run, play and dig in the dirt and I was actually able to relax. Oh, Arrington, we'll be back for sure!

I'm not sure who took this group photo but it wasn't me as I'm the one on the right with my mouth hanging open and a child on my shoulders. The last picture is one that Liam took of me. Not bad for a novice photographer, eh?

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