Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Welcome to Our New Home

I once knew a lady who brought candles and a framed family photo to hotel rooms with her. I do not go to such extremes but I am the type of person (Type "A", perhaps?) that is hanging pictures the day we move into a new place. I need a place to feel like home. To feel like home it must be organized and decorated. In our new home in Nashville the organization hasn't exactly come to fruition but the home is decorated and we are ready to party! Today I'm showing you about a third of it because the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen aren't fully unpacked or ready to be photographed. In due time.

My papa made this little table for us. It's the perfect size for our record player and modest record collection. The plant is a housewarming gift from my mother-in-law and I love it. It's low-light and barely needs water so it can be in the middle of the room. Lazy Gibson wouldn't move but I think he make the pictures better, dont you think?

I threw together this gallery wall from things I already had. Expect for Liam's painting on the right. My plan is to cut out the places that Dan and I have lived together (Washington, Alberta, France and Tennessee) and paste them on, paint the whole thing black and take the silhouettes off. But, all in due time. I like that the TV isn't the focal point of the room.

We love our couch. We actually bought it on Amazon! It was a gamble but it was a good one. Since it's a big sectional with an ottoman there's no room for a coffee table or side tables so I created a "table" behind the couch. It's basically just 4 boards screwed together in a square and shoved between the wall and the back of the couch. The top piece is from an old door from the 2nd home we owned in Tacoma. It's a great spot to charge the phones and set down a cup of coffee.

After signing the lease on this place, we spent way too much time figuring out where the piano/couch/chair/TV would go in the front room. I had an epiphany, thanks to Pinterest and some ideas for small space apartment living. The dining room in this house is tucked back in the corner. It's small and if you put a table in the center you can't very easily access the back deck - which we are very much looking forward to partying on when summer is here! So, we put the dining table in the family room and turned the dining room into an office/music space.

The dining table is pushed up against a wall to accommodate our little family of three and can be pulled out to seat 6, when necessary. The best part about our dining area is that we made our own table! We found this old wooden thing in a field near our favorite downtown Nashville coffee shop, put some legs on it and voila! The chairs are from Target and they will be used for outdoor seating once we're in a more established home but since we're renting for a year why NOT have turquoise folding chairs to spice things up?  

You cant really tell in these photos but I painted the wall behind the dining area to set it apart from the rest of the room. It's "Cheyenne Green" while the rest of the house is your generic almond color.

There's a huge landing at the top of the stairs that was going to be my office if we had used the dining room as a dining room. However, there is still a ton of musical gear we needed to store. So, one corner of the dining room office is a desk computer, printer and the piano while the other corner is just heaps of guitar and drum cases. It's not ideal but it is what it is. 

There's a wide hallway from the family room to the dining room office and I've put Gibson's kennel there as well as a shelf for some of Liam's toys and books. We are looking for a home for Gibson and once he's gone Liam's easel and table can go there, too. 

So, that's our home! I hope I can get the rest of it pretty enough to show-off soon. It's a mess. Trust me. 

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  1. I love that dining table!!! It's all looking very cozy! I am the exact same way - unpacking and hanging things because I NEED to feel like I'm home!


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