Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Quirkie Kids Pink T-Shirts

Hey! I want to tell you all about QUIRKIE KIDS! QUIRKIE KIDS is a line of pink tees for girls AND boys with playful designs of things not normally associated with the color pink. They are so cute and appropriate for any gender. Martine, the QK mastermind, believes that ALL kids should be free to wear pink regardless of their gender. Some kids like green. Some kids like blue. And some kids like pink! Liam likes pink! He picked out a pink ball recently and I am totally okay with that. 

Martine is getting close to her goal of $2,500 and has 5 more days(until 3/10/14) for QUIRKIE KIDS to be fully funded!

Here's a quote from Martine:

Clothes shopping for a boy who likes pink is a challenge. Girl clothes are just about your only option, but just because a boy likes pink doesn’t mean that he likes frilly clothes with bows, ribbons, and ruffles. The same is true for girls. Girls who like pink don’t necessarily like kittens, rainbows, and butterflies. There are plenty of girls who like robots, dinosaurs, and aliens. They, too, are out of luck as pink clothes with such designs are hard, if not impossible, to find. And so the idea for QUIRKIE KIDS - pink tees for girls AND boys - was born. The line of tees will have playful designs of things not normally associated with the color pink. I hope that you will join me in support of all the boys out there who like the color pink and all the girls who would like more choices. Let’s show the little ones in our lives that it’s okay to think for themselves.

Please visit their Kickstarter campaign and Facebook pages for more info!


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