Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Part of Me"

This move has been so much harder than I imagined - but not in the ways that I had anticipated. My sweet, little, freshly-adopted boy has been acting out in the strangest ways. I'm trying to give him grace, realizing that he's utterly confused after a cross country move, staying home with mama everyday and wondering why daddy and his bandmates keep coming and going. 

I'm starting to feel like I'm not drowning.

Dan was home for a few days less than 48 hours and we made the most of it! The weather was perfect. We at tacos on the porch of Rose Pepper Cantina and walked in the sunshine and filled each other up with as much love and happy words as possible.

Unlike Gibson the English Bulldog, who's had good and bad days, Liam and I have had mostly rough days. There were a few days when he would just RUN AWAY. If a door was opened he'd just take off running no matter how loud I yelled and pleaded with him to stop. My blood pressure was through the freaking roof. The running away has stopped and now it's ear piercing screams. Even when I calmly ask him not to, the shrill, random screaming permeates our house and I can't do a thing but remind myself that he's going through something. Then there were the 6 days that he just didn't nap at all. Thankfully naps commenced when Dan returned but they've been off-and-on since and I've resigned to just leaving him in his room for a solid 2 hours and turning the monitor off.

Tonight, after double and triple checking if I heard him right I can confidently report that Liam looked at me, put his little hand on his heart, and said "You're a part of me, mom".  My heart has officially melted.


  1. Oh my goodness! That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard! "You're a part of me." I'm pretty sure I would start sobbing immediately.

    I'll be praying for you guys! Moves are always hard on kids, but I'm sure he'll settle into your new life soon. <3

    1. Thanks, Carlee! Yes, I totally cried.

  2. Oh wow - how precious!!!

    Just an idea, but have you tried wearing him at all? When we've gone through challenges, albeit, no huge moves like you, both Jemma and Max have craved to just be held tight and both usually prefer to be on my back. I finally bought a toddler Tula (like an Ergo but specific for preschool size kids) and it is seriously amazing. Kinderpacks is another "big kid" carrier.

    1. That is actually a really good idea!! I only have a Moby wrap but he's under 35# so I think I can use it. Thank-you, Gretchen!

  3. wow...i'd be a blubbering mess. sending prayers to your fam lindsy!


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