Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hosting a Toy Swap Party

For months I have wanted to host a toy swap party. Before Christmas would have been a good idea but I didn't get it together in time. The idea is simple: Invite all your mom-friends to collect any unused toys, come over to my house for treats and trade toys! Most toys get "boring" before they wear out so why not recycle them with your friends? Children will play with almost anything so if it's new to them they dont care that it's not actually new. I served some treats and cleared some space. I hung up signs for different categories of toys. I recommend: books, dolls + plush, blocks, cars + trucks, electronics, other.

Here's the best part: Everyone took home less than they brought so I was able to donate all of the unused toys to Tacoma's Toy Rescue Mission. Their mission is to refurbish and recycle gently used toys for disadvantaged children. They are a 501c3 that's been serving the South Sound for over 20 years! Visit their website, toyrescuemission.org, for more information or search for one in your area.


  1. Thanks for inviting me, Lins. I'm totally going to do another one of these in a few months!

    1. Rad! The lady at the T.R.M. was so nice. It's a really cool place and I feel better about donating there than at a thrift shop that sells it rather than gives it to families who cant afford toys.

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