Monday, December 30, 2013

The Online World

Do you want to know how lazy I've gotten? I use talk-to-text on my Android all - the - time. So much so, that when I go to type an email or write a blog I allllmost start to speak it. "Technology has made us all crazy exclamation point I think I've lost my mind period" ... Anyway...

When we decided to become foster parents we had a difficult choice to make about our online presence. We could choose to be anonymous and post freely about our situation - but not post any photos (and, duh, I'm obsessed with photos). We could continue using social media as we please and leave out any real details about our child. But somehow we found ourselves in some type of strange middle ground. We are parents and that's all that we can share. I truly wish we could share more but legally and for everyone's safety we can't. Its such a scary thing having a child in today's society and I've tried to be very careful about protecting certain information.

I reached out to a social worker for some advice on online anonymity. Here is what she said:
You are assigning intuitiveness and savvy to your birth parents that they do not possess. You and I are more than able to manipulate the internet to find anything (literally, anything). But the culture that our birth parents come from (particularly lower-income, lower-IQ individuals) are simply not that savvy. When it comes down to it, the birth parents are usually humbled by the fact that they couldn't parent their own kids and grateful that someone else loves them and can do what they can't.
[HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF]. Thank God for good social workers! I really have nothing to worry about. That being said I'm not going to post my phone number, address, and social security number all over the web. BUT! I can relax. 

I'm private on Instagram at the moment... just until we get our lives in our own control. (Follow @lmrphotos and #adoptbb for more info on our future).

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